The Environment Matters. Creating Energy to Increase Engagement, Productivity, Cohesion and Resilience.

In the workplace, energy and environment are closely linked for better motivation, but many leaders try to force people in other ways to be motivated. The goal should not be to motivate others, but to create an environment in which people can plug in and find their own motivation. If an environment drains people’s energy, then engagement, productivity, cohesion, resilience and motivation will decrease as well. This is not just the job of the leader, but a consistency throughout the organization to be most effective.

In order to be successful internally, an organization needs to create shared experiences so positive energy is felt throughout the entity, not just within one department or team. Everyone has to do the work and be held accountable for creating a positive culture. The tone is set from the top; however, there are more people below executive ranks who create the day to day feelings, impact the team environment, set the mood in meetings, generate the spirit of appreciation and determine the activity related to engagement.

Consider the following questions when designing your ideal environment to impact high energy:

  1. What outcome do you want for your overall environment?
  2. What strategies can you implement to create the appropriate energy?
  3. How do you set an expectation to create a productive and cohesive culture?
  4. How do you provide resources, coaching, tools, etc. that foster skills and desired practices to do the best work?
  5. How do you measure success?