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Process Improvement Training and Certifications

Lean Healthcare

Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare

Transactional (non-manufacturing) Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma for Manufacturing

Lean for the Office and Administrative Professional

Six Sigma Outcomes – Data Driven Solutions

Identify all of the possible inputs to a process

Gather data to determine which inputs have the biggest impact on the process

Implement the most optimal solution based on the data

Put a control plan in place to ensure the improvement is sustained

Available Training Modules

Lean Awareness - 1 or 2 Days

Learn to achieve maximum value by eliminating waste in all processes, while meeting customer demands.

Lean Six Sigma Executive Champion - ½ Day

Understand roles and responsibilities of a Six Sigma Champion and project sponsor and recognize organizational factors.

Leans Six Sigma Gen. Awareness- ½ Day

Understand the benefits and implications of a Six Sigma program.

Lean Six Sigma Project Champion/Sponsor - 1 Day

Learn how to identify and incorporate optimal tools to address various process and quality challenges.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification - 2 Day + 1 hour certification exam

Learn to apply basic process improvement tools within the Six Sigma DMAIC improvement model.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification - 5 Days + 2-3 Hours of Project Coaching

Successfully deploy Lean and Six Sigma techniques to gather and analyze data and support Black Belts. Learn to lead small- scale improvement projects or team and complete a Lean Six Sigma Project.



Building Materials Supply Company Increased Unit fill rate to by 1.4% to 97.5% which increased sales by $140,000.
Laboratory Decreased defects by 63% for savings of 11% of yearly laboratory budget.
Insurance Increased Agent utilization by 3.3% for an increase of 24 FTE/year and $1.5 million on labor utilization.
University Reduced rework by 67% to 22%, and time saving from 3 hours to 13 minutes per employee.
Hospitals Decreased average patient wait time by 43% from 23 minutes to 13 minutes.
Insurance (Call Center) A process change with an expected cost of $65,000 will be implemented to achieve the project goals. This will net a $435,000 savings the first year.
Medical Increased Saturday attendance by an average of 24% (from 31% to 54%).When you apply that to the test Center, it’s a realized value of $16,185.00 for November 2013.
Insurance (Training) Root cause and solution identified to reduce number of new requests with incomplete information to 0, exceeding original goal.

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