Group Coaching

Improve offers an innovative assessment methodology to identify and leverage transferable skills to empower participants to work from an expanded knowledge base. This methodology is used in both individual and group coaching.

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Objectives of Group Coaching

  • Provide a professional setting with individuals with similar backgrounds.
  • Empower each other to achieve goals by holding each other accountable for achievement.

The “Bigger Box” Program Overview

People are often told to “think outside of the box.” While this helps people to be more creative and think outside of the norm, there is a better way to gain diversity of thought, while leveraging current skills and past experiences. To bring together all life A Skill Set Inventory and Analysis Don’t Just Think Outside the Box, “Make the Box Bigger!”© This seminar will teach participants how to gain creativity plus connection and leverage. Instead of just being creative, you are now increasing your creativity by leveraging past experiences to bring strength to your new level of thinking. Diverse careers and varied experiences enable successful transitions. This course will use a skill set assessment to identify each participant’s unique set of skills and experiences and show them how to combine them to create additional opportunities. So, rather than stepping outside the box, participants will learn to expand their box by building upon existing skills/experiences.

Cleveland Clinic Foundation – Women’s Professional Staff Association (WPSA)
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You can now purchase Improve Consulting’s most requested professional development training courses, complete with facilitator guides, workbooks and activities (all materials are fully customizable). For more information and a list of available courses

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