Team Wellness & Renewal Studio

A renewal studio focused on team wellness and stress reduction through better eating, exercise, and mindfulness strategies, making teams more resilient to the stress of work and life. Your team will go back rejuvenated and ready to apply their new wellness skills to their work

A half-day, offsite experience for teams focused on stress management and mindfulness in order to build collective resiliency

Prior to the session, teams will take an online validated stress assessment

During the sessions, teams will collectively engage in 4 highly interactive experiences to increase resiliency related to:  

  1. healthy food preparation 
  2. effective sleep
  3. physical activity 
  4. mindfulness

Teams will create both individual and collective resiliency action plans. 

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Managing Stress During the Pandemic: Addressing Your New Normal!
Successfully navigate stressful moments now, and going forward!
Air Date: October 22, 2020



Member of the National Wellness Institute