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The idea behind the Organized Chaos group is that creativity can be derived from chaos, and brilliance can be created from the organization of that chaos. Our goal is to help each participant to discover their own unique brilliance!

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As women, we know that we have millions of thoughts racing through our minds every day. We can decide to either allow those thoughts to distract us, or propel us into excellence. The idea behind the Organized Chaos group is that creativity can be derived from chaos, and brilliance can be created from the organization of that chaos. Our goal is to help each participant to discover their own unique brilliance!
When you combine Organized and Chaos you are:
  • Creating value by organizing your thoughts into actionable items or experiences.
  • Learning how to create meaning out of the creative bursts of energy that flood your mind throughout the day.
  • Developing innovative practices that can be effective in your personal and professional life.
Q: What makes Organized Chaos unique?  
A: The formal accountability, the assessment, the buddy system for a second level of accountability and assistance the mini training topics each session. Having a project manger to assist with any questions, sending out the materials for further study, highlighting members’ accomplishments & events, strict confidential policies with a contract for reinforcement, and a portal for online interaction.
Q: What is it that we do better than anyone else?  
A: All of the above. Having best practice session topics from existing university executive education and professional development courses is a great feature of this program. Also, having a professional facilitator and professor with both theory and practical application experience lead the sessions (Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper).
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