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atb-book-pictureaMAZEing Organizational Teams: Navigating the 7 critical attributes for cohesion, productivity and resilience

aMAZEing Organizational Teams is a guide for improving group workplace dynamics. It is based on the aMAZEing Team Building Experience located in Cleveland, Ohio where teams navigate through a maze of highly interactive indoor mental challenges based on seven attributes of healthy, productive teams. This body of work brings those experiences to the reader to help individuals and teams in any organization successfully navigate the complexities that increase productivity, cohesion, and resilience leading to more effective engagement.

This book serves as a team action planning workbook discussion, walking the reader through these seven critical attributes. Teams are given guidance on how to 1) build and/or increase trust, 2) foster an environment of appreciation, 3) manage meetings to productive outcomes, 4) deliver robust solutions through improved problem solving and decision making techniques, 5) master the elements required for improved communication, 6) manage healthy behavioral interactions, 7) continuously generating new ideas and thinking creatively about ways to improve process and products.


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books-01Canine Instinct, A Guide to Survival and Advancement in Corporate America

Climb the Ladder: How to Succeed in Corporate America

Experienced Professional Reveals Untold Secrets for Survival and Success in Corporate America

CLEVELAND, Ohio – In her new nonfiction guidebook for success, Canine Instinct: A Guide to Survival and Advancement in Corporate America, Ellen Burts-Cooper, PhD, MBA, outlines the many business dynamics and management techniques essential for all aspiring professionals looking to break into (and beyond) the midmanagement ranks in corporate America and academia.

Ironically, the instinctual responses of canines are remarkably similar to the responses that have helped leaders thrive in the booming world of business and advance in the corporate ranks. Examining and learning from this behavior, Burts-Cooper breaks down these traits into manageable performance characteristics that anyone can study and practice to develop the skills needed to succeed with major organizations.

Ideally, you want to obtain the recognition you deserve and get rewarded with a position that fully stimulates your passion for your company. That’s why Burts-Cooper provides a comprehensive yet novel approach to career development that promises to help you both understand and climb the ladder of opportunity. Don’t let your future slip through your fingers. Find the answer you need here.

Gain the relevant tools and time-proven techniques that you can immediately apply in the workplace to give you the edge you deserve. Learn how to navigate your financial future, quickly advance to your level of expertise and survive these turbulent economic times in entrepreneur Burts-Cooper’s Canine Instinct, your strategy to understanding and thriving in corporate America.

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books-02365 Ways to Improve

Letter From the Author

Hello Readers, I just want each person who picks up this book to know that it is dedicated to the spirit to improve. Improve Consulting and Training Group, LLC has a very specific mission, and you are now a part of it. We want you to improve yourself and, consequently, improve our world. To do so, we decided to share a snapshot of inspiration with you, something to get you started. When you open this book I want you to know that you are going on a journey. A journey within yourself, into the world, and beyond your circumstances. Each day is a new journey, with new challenges and a way to document triumphs. With this journey, I hope for you to unleash a superior amount of potential, and to soar into a brighter future. The time is now, to begin. I want you to take the first step, because any day can be ‘day one’ of a triumphant journey. I share this gift with you as a gift from my heart, in hopes that you utilize it well. I have every confidence you will finish, but I hope you will continue a movement to improve long after day 366 . . . Here you begin your transformation! -Taylor Sykes-Green, 2011 Intern for Improve Consulting and Training Group.

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