Ellen's Quick Lessons

Dr. Ellen shares a few snippets of her advice and strategies for building more cohesive, productive and resilient teams and organizations.

Appreciating Individual Employees - Click here for video!
Sixty-four percent of Americans leave their jobs because they don't feel appreciated. Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper discusses the different types of appreciation and the importance of knowing which will work best for your people.
Practicing Behavior Management - Click here for video!
Behavior management is about having an awareness of your emotions so that you can behave appropriately. Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper helps you identify the style of person you are and how to be aware of your tendencies so that you can be effective at work.
Communicating With Our Teams - Click here for video!
Almost always, communication is an area that can use improvement. Dr. Ellen Burts-Coopers outlines the elements of effective communication within and without teams.
Encouraging Creativity and Ideation in Teams - Click here for video!
Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper shares some ways to encourage your people to come up with ideas that lead to a creation or something innovative.
Managing Meetings Effectively - Click here for video!
Most everyone has been in the kind of meetings that seem to be a waste of time. Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper talks about what the purpose of meetings should be and how they can be most productive.
Problem Solving and Decision Making in the Workplace - Click here for video!
Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper shares a few tools for solving problems and making decisions in the workplace.
Building a Culture of Trust with Your Team - Click here for video!
Trust is the foundation of a great team. Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper identifies the types of trust and the components of creating healthy, trusting relationships with team members.