Team Wellness & Renewal Studio

Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. It’s the body’s natural reaction to sudden changes or challenges. While our bodies are equipped to handle small doses of stress, we do not have the ability to schedule when these challenges will arise. We can however, work to prevent stress and manage how we handle the long-term stresses brought upon us to reduce the physical consequences that stress can have on our health.

Workplace Wellness = Self-Care + Stress Management

A virtual wellness experience for teams focused on stress management and mindfulness in order to build collective resiliency

Prior to the session, teams will take an online validated stress assessment

During the sessions, teams will:

  1. Review the 7 stress factors that impact our productivity levels in the workplace 
  2. Monitor and measure stress levels in the workplace
  3. Discuss the most common stress symptoms
  4. Identify strategies to manage workplace stress and prevent burnout – Identify strategies for self-care
  5. Learn the 4 key resiliency areas and form new habits in each

Teams will create both individual and collective resiliency action plans. 

Wellness Assessment + 1 Hour Consultation with Ellen Burts-Cooper
This assessment looks at seven stress factors that impact stress levels in the workplace and is used to evaluate stress as part of a wellness engagement.
Managing Stress During the Pandemic: Addressing Your New Normal!
Successfully navigate stressful moments now, and going forward!
Air Date: October 22, 2020

Member of the National Wellness Institute and Certified OWLS (Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems Resilience Facilitator