Change Management

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Change management is a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state.

It includes both organizational processes and individual change management models, which together are used to manage the people side of change.

Improve can help your organization do the following:

Ensure Organizational Alignment

  • Identify the changes needed to achieve business goals and assess the capability of the organization to make those changes.
  • Create a shared vision throughout the organization by ensuring top sponsorship, quality communication and employee engagement.

Adapt New Technology

  • Manage the integration of new systems into complex work environments.
  • Ensure that standardized methods and procedures are used throughout the organization.

Manage People

  • Prepare workforces for coming changes through customized training and communications planning.
  • Identify, understand and manage employee resistance.

Manage Processes

  • Understand, monitor, and manage the impact of process changes.

Monitor Performance

  • Set clear timelines and performance measures that are monitored before, during and after the change to ensure its success and sustainment.
  • Change Leadership Outcomes

Change Leadership Outcomes

  • Understand the capabilities afforded by new processes as well as the organizational requirements to make them successful.
  • Take on leaders’ responsibilities with respect to change implementations.
  • Evaluate the challenges posed by new processes through anticipation of the implications from multiple stakeholder perspectives.
  • Develop strategies for responding appropriately to normal and dysfunctional responses to change.

Tri-C Collegewide Keynote Introduction - Leading, Managing, and Inspiring Organizational and Individual Change Management