Improve Consulting and Training Group offers many services to increase the effectiveness and productivity of your team in a fun and engaging way. Improve provides training, team building, coaching and consulting services.

Training Topics

Leading Change

  • Leading, Managing and Inspiring Organizational and Individual Change Management
  • Continuous Improvement – Sight Beyond The Day to Day

Leading Teams

  • Building and Sustaining Cohesive and Resilient Teams
  • 7 Attributes of High Performing Teams
  • Individual and Team Accountability to Drive Business Performance

Influencing Others

  • Influencing at All Levels: How to get work done with and through others
  • Driving Greater Productivity Across the Organization

Leading Others

  • Manager’s Toolkit for Delegation, Accountability and Results; Acquire the essential skills for managing people, projects and time
  • Strategic Leadership. Managing Multiple Levels of Strategy
  • Trust, Credibility and Value: Super Powers for Exceptionally Inspirational Leaders

Human Resources Exchange Network Group Meeting - Essential Leadership Traits

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