Lean Six Sigma Deployment

Improve Consulting and Training Group will help you to put in place the most optimal process improvement structure for your specific organization.


  • Resources
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Operating Structure


  • Identify Deployment Team and Define Goals for Overall Deployment & Implementation Period
  • Establish Metrics for Six Sigma Deployment
  • Identify and Plan Barriers
  • Establish Centralized Project Database

Resource Allocation and Planning

  • Determine Training Resource
  • Vendor Analysis and Checklist
  • Training Process
  • Project Selection
  • Gate Reviews
  • Internal Participant/Hiring Selection
  • Establish Program Communication Plan


Training and Project Assignments

  • Standardized Tools and Templates
  • Establish Initial Benefits
  • Project Report Outs
  • Certification
  • Project Idea Hopper
  • Employee Rewards and Recognition
  • Internal Community


Project Execution

  • Provide Ongoing Training and Coaching
  • Project Savings Validation


Advanced Project

  • Best Practices/Lessons Learned


Cultural Adoption

  • Establish Monthly Progress Reviews on Lean Six Sigma Process and Metrics
  • Determine External Memberships and Recognition